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About us


Ripar Cosmetici offers the world's most effective beauty solutions to beauty and medical professionals. They, in turn use our products solutions and teaching to reveal their consumers' true beauty – enhancing appearances, building confidence and improving lives . The most effective beauty solutions to beauty and medical professionals all over the world. We want to reveal beauty that is just in you so to enhance your appearance and your confidence in yourself.

Who we are

Ripar cosmetics is a family business with over 40 years of history, in which the passion for beauty and well-being harmonized perfectly with a love of medicine.

Ripar's beauty solutions integrate the insights of two generations of plastic surgeons, doctors Mario and Luca Piombino, the scientific and cosmetic knowledge of Dr. Laura Piombino, under the aesthetic direction and the technical expertise of one of Italy's most renowned beauty professionals, Rita Parente, who just happens to be the founding "mother" of Ripar Cosmetic, a family owned and operated, international business.

What we do

Ripar delivers more than promises; Ripar delivers solutions.
We continuosly scan the market to find proven ingredients and new technologies to deliver cosmetics that address the real needs of women and men of all races and ages. We offer unique proprietary training programmes to select beauty and medical professionals in order to ensure that our products and regimens address both state of the art technology as well as reflecting the ever-changing needs of our consumers.

Why we do it

We believe in beauty and we strive to deliver it in everything we do.
Whether it be via physicians, pharmacies or hospitals, where our products offer hope for patients suffering from a range of extreme physical injury and other disfiguring medical condition, or at spas, beauty centres or at home, at beauty where our products address more traditional beauty expectations, our mission is to reveal the beauty of every woman and man to improve both their appearance, their confidence and their lives.
We believe in the power of Ripar to change lives, allowing many of our clients to see their beauty for the very first time - and nothing could be more beautiful than that.

How we do it

Four unique product ranges deliver customized solutions for all our customers' beauty needs.
Our collaboration extends to both beauty professionals and the medical community in addition to many of the world's most cutting-edge cosmetics formulators and fashion experts.
Our unique series of technical and cosmetic training programs specifically geared to aesthetic and medical professionals ensure that our consumers' expectations can be met via the correct selection and application of products created exclusively for them.

Our philosophy

We don't create beauty; we enable it.
We reveal the beauty in you. It was always there. Ripar merely helps you see it.
Ripar Cosmetici – Revealing Beauty